Debunking myths about Escort Service

Sex work has always been a hush-hush tabooed topic especially in our country. The amount of judgment and misconception surrounding our industry is just insane. Well, guess what Elite Nightlife would like to break some of it. We are here to open your eyes to a glamourous world of thrill and adventure. An experience to remember. Required escort service in Gurgaon, Chandigarh or Jaipur, Escort Nightlife is at your service. For now, scroll ahead to debunk some myths and open new doors, Cheers!


Myth number 1: Foreign escorts are better than local escorts.


Youngsters to date joke about Russians and Brazilians, Bollywood shows blonde zero figure women dancing around the stud actor but, believe us, our escort girls are no less. Honestly, the skill and experience don’t depend on race or cultural background or even the zero size. It depends on the ability to understand the preferences of the client, explore, experiment, and adapt. The only difference lies in physical attributes and personal preference.


Myth number  2: Escorts are just for physical pleasure.


Depends on individual escorts and every agency. High-end agencies like Escort Nightlife provide companionship, girlfriend experience, date night call girls and so much more. Most of them are well-educated and very interested in having meaningful conversations and emotional connections to give you real meaningful experiences. 


Myth number 3: Hiring escorts is unsafe.


To an extent, yes! Wait, wait, don’t panic. Letting a stranger into your bedroom can be a risk but not with Nightlife Elite escort services. All our girls are carefully vetted and personally verified by a team of professionals. They undergo physical tests and receive feedback from all clients. Consent and discretion are of utmost importance to Nightlife Elite escort services.


Myth number 4: Escorts are hired only by lonely or unhappy men.


This is honestly the craziest myth in the industry. Escort services are an excellent way to explore your sexuality, fulfill your sexual fantasies, and get that rush, excitement, and glamour in your life. Moreover, it provides an excellent opportunity to break the dull monotony of your sex life. In fact, many couples book escorts to spice up their marriages. Yes, happy, successful, socializing youngsters want it and our escort services cater to them non-judgmentally. Who doesn’t want that? 


Myth number 5: Escorts are uneducated, poor individuals.


No, absolutely not! Just like any other work, escort service is a job. Any consenting individual above the age of 18 with the desire to participate can engage in their profession. In fact, many educated, well-to-do, articulate girls decide to be call girls. They have excellent communication skills, understand human nature and preferences, and know how to make an experience remarkable for their client. And, we shouldn’t be the ones judging them! 


We hope we debunked some of your myths and helped you crash some judgemental gates in your mind. Elite Nightlife Escort Services is here to cater to your needs. We are happy to serve you with thrill and satisfaction, both in a single go!

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